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Life Cycle of a course

As you start developing on online, you go through 3 stages of developmental process. Stage 1 is before the course starts, Stage 2 is during the course or you can say actual online teaching process and stage 3 which is after the teaching is over. The first stage comprises various parts. As a start up process you need to create a course shell requesting the campus course management system administrator. Then if the process is not automated you need to enroll the user manually to your course. You can do this at the beginning or wait till you are done setting up the rest of the course. In the process of creating a course you need to decide on the course environment, choose your course and communication tools, post your course materials and pre-assessments for the course. The stage 2 is a long cyclic process where as an instructor you will continue to update the course content, assessing and grading and communicating with students. Once the final grades are submitted please remember to export/archive your course. For the next term make sure you update and review your course before starting to teach.


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  1. Thank you for keeping staff and faculty updated on ways to continue to improve our online courses and materials for FSU students.

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