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SyllabusI am working with the departments to make sure that their course syllabus is available online through the departmental website. As I am thinking on working on this project I was wondering is a Syllabus that hard?  A recent post on Faculty focus “What Does Your Syllabus Say About You and Your Course?is quite interesting and points out some good parts of a syllabus. I am sure most of us think we have included anything and everything the student need to know about the course down in our syllabus. But have you ever wondered how long the syllabus should be?  Here are some resources that can be very handy:

  1. Writing a Syllabus – Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence
  2. The Syllabus – Enhancing Education – Carnegie Mellon University
And there are many more…
But some of you are wondering why am I talking about syllabus writing? Wasn’t the are of interest was posting the syllabus online? Yes it is … but yet is also critical to have a well written syllabus. So open up your syllabus and check out the components and make sure you got it all and showcase it for the world to see and learn..
Happy syllabus writing to all…

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