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Adding Youtube Video in Blackboard

I know for most of us when we add a YouTube video we simple add the URL to the course as an external link or as an new item. Here is another way you can actually display the content of the video within the course site without going in YouTube.com.

Just follow the steps below:

1. Find the video you want to add to your course.

2. Right next to the video you will find the “EMBED” code

3. Copy the code and go to your Blackboard course

4. Under the content area (like course documents) add a “New Item

5. Give a Title

6. Where you add content click on the icon <> and enter the embed code you copied from YouTube

7. Click submit.


Adding youtube video in Power Point

Recently I came across this question about how I can add a video from YouTube within my Power Point. I created this presentation and hopefully everyone can enjoy putting my cool videos in their presentation and get the students more involved.

Here is my Adding YouTube Videos in Power Point presentation with the instruction sheet and some YouTube videos.

You also can find the instructions here