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Adding youtube video in Power Point

Recently I came across this question about how I can add a video from YouTube within my Power Point. I created this presentation and hopefully everyone can enjoy putting my cool videos in their presentation and get the students more involved.

Here is my Adding YouTube Videos in Power Point presentation with the instruction sheet and some YouTube videos.

You also can find the instructions here



How to collect messages in Discussion Board

Here is a video showing how to use the collect feature of Discussion Board in order to print all messages.

How to add a banner to Blackboard course using Power Point

To do this there are 2 parts in the process. First to create a banner file in Power Point and then to upload the file in Blackboard.

To create a banner image using Power Point:

1. Open Power Point 2007

2. Click on Design tab

3. Click on Page set up

4. On the Slide Sized option, choose Banner

5. On the Power Point Title Slide now add a Title (like the name of the course)

6: Add a Subtitle

7: Save the file as PPTX (for future changes)

8: Save file again as a jpg

To Upload the file in Blackboard:

1. Go the course in Blackboard

2. Click on Control panel of the course

3. Click on Course Design

4. Click on Course Banner

5. Browse to find the jpg file that you just created using Power Point

6. Click Submit and check your course homepage…

7. Wallas!! the new banner is there and the course stands out!

First Tech Tip for your next course re-design

Using Video Messaging

Here is a short list of Video messaging services –

  • EyeJot – video messaging
  • Skype – text, voice, video messaging
  • TokBox – video email and messaging, video chat
  • Utterz – text, voice, video messaging
  • Vaestro – threaded voice discussions
  • Viddix – interactive video and multi-media presentation tool
  • Viddler – online video web cam capture with text and video commenting features
  • VoiceThread – multimedia presentations with text, voice, and video commenting features